About us

Deli Tours (created in 2015) is a new initiative to show people the Amsterdam we love and know. A project to show people the “real” Amsterdam instead of all the obvious things you’ll get in other tours. Forget about the Red Light District, the coffee shops, and the big museums which are nice but have queues that depress you…

Where are locals going?  And where do we eat? WHAT do we eat? Simply said: What is Amsterdam really like?

We want to show you exactly that. We want you to experience the city of the locals. The city where we were born & raised, and where we live, eat, and work. To enjoy “Ons Mooie Mokum” (Our Beautiful Mokum)* and to really let you feel what the famous & untranslatable Dutch word “gezellig” means…



Your guides trying to express the word





So what you can expect is to LEARN a lot of (official, unofficial, funny & personal) history, to SEE many fantastic unknown places, and to TASTE some of the best and most delicious foods. All in all:  DELIcious TOURS!


* “Ons Mooie Mokum”. Mokum was the name the Jewish population gave to the city