Tours in Amsterdam

The tours in Amsterdam are divided by “borough/district” (stadsdeel), by “neighbourhood” (buurt), by subject and by time. If you have a particular area or a particular subject you would like to know more about, just look at the several options available. You can of course also always send us an e-mail with your wishes.



Centre West: canals & islands

Center South & Pijp: rich canals, special museums, market

Center East & Zeeburg: nature, culture, and the eastern harbour

1011 + 1012: heart of the city, Amsterdam before it was Amsterdam, Chinatown

2. EAST (OOST) – available from August 2017

Old East & Watergraafsmeer: markets & land houses in the former lake

3. SOUTH (ZUID) – available from August 2017

Old South & New South: “posh” Amsterdam around the park & the “new” architecture of the early 20th century

4. WEST (WEST) – available from August 2017

West before it was West: what is left of the town of Sloten?

5. NORTH (NOORD) – available from August 2017

The “other” Amsterdam: old villages, 20th century working class towns & ultra modern harbours