Centre East

Departure: Central Station (GVB ticket office)

Duration & Prize:

  • full tour: 3 hours & 35 euros p.p. (food included in the prize)
  • short tour: 2 hours


Hortus 2

The east of the city centre is the quiet and unknown side. It is quiet because when they planned to build it, they ran out of money and were hit by the “Disaster Year” (1672)… So the area stayed green for a long, long time. Green but not unplanned. Soon it was decided that the green could be useful to the city and beautiful private gardens appeared in the Plantage (Plantation). On the other side, it also became an area full of cafés, theaters, nightlife, and… prostitution.

When, in the 19th century, houses did appear because of a growing population, the area still remained quite green. It remained green & quiet, but became chic and full of 19th century architecture. There was no place for prostitution anymore…

The zoo is here, as well as the botanical gardens. It has the only park in the city centre (as a gift from Napoleon!), many museums, galleries, and good restaurants… And of course, until the Second World War, it had a vibrant Jewish community.

Besides the Plantage, this tour will also bring you to the Kadijken and to Zeeburg, the area north of it. This is where once the water was. The harbours of the Dutch East India Company. Later it transformed into a joined platform for the railways and the modern harbour. Now it is largely a residential area with crazy, sometimes ugly, but also very beautiful modern architecture.


It includes

  • the use of binoculars
  • maps
  • clothing against the rain if needed
  • (if time allows it) visit to at least 1 building