Centre South

Departure: from Rijksmuseum (I AMsterdam sign)

Duration & Prize:

  • full tour: 3 hours & 35 euros p.p. (food included in the prize)
  • short tour: 2 hours


The southern part of the city centre is the richest part. Built from 1649 onwards, it contains the biggest and most impressive houses of which we will visit some. In the same time, it’s also one of the smallest areas with relatively few streets to walk through. That’s why we have included the Pijp district, which is now a vibrant, hip, and trendy area, but used to be the cities’ nightmare because of the very bad quality of the houses and the great poverty. To see the differences between the rich, posh, and stiff area of the Southern canals, and the poor but nowadays trendy Pijp district, is an experience on it’s own. The fantastic houses on the canals, and the great food on the biggest street market in Amsterdam, makes this tour very special.


It includes

  • the use of binoculars
  • maps
  • clothing against the rain if needed
  • (if time allows it) visit to at least 1 building