Medieval City

Departure: Central Station (GVB ticket office)

Duration & Prize:

  • full tour: 3 hours & 35 euros p.p. (food included in the prize)
  • short tour: 2 hours


Centrum Centrum 1 ding maken (1)

The oldest part of the city includes the area before the big canals (Canal Ring) were constructed. It is Amsterdam’s most famous area because almost everyone arrives at Central Station. More importantly is that here, in the heart of the city, is the Red Light District. For locals probably the most boring place in Amsterdam. Yet there are people living there. And what a lot of tourists don’t know, is that there are actually two red light districts in 1012.* We will visit both of them. Not because of the “districts”, but because of their historical importance. We will see the old & the new side of medieval Amsterdam (and learn why old should actually be new, and vice versa!), and also go to 1011**, the Lastage (Nieuwmarktbuurt). Here you will find Chinatown which, of course,  goes hand in hand with very good restaurants (not only Chinese though!). We will discover an amazing hidden place where art and opera come together, and find out how one should NOT renovate a city…


* & ** : 1012 & 1011 are the postal codes for these areas.



  • the use of binoculars
  • maps
  • clothing against the rain if needed
  • (if time allows it) visit to at least 1 building