Noord-North (July/ August 2017)

Departure: Central Station (GVB ticket office)

Duration & Prize:

  • full tour: 3 hours &¬†35 euros p.p. (food included in the prize)
  • short tour: 2 hours


Noord, or “The Other Side”, still is a place where most Amsterdammers (people from Amsterdam) never have been to. Let alone tourists. That’s not so strange. Besides the fact that it is blocked of from the rest of the city by Central Station, you also have to take the boat to get there. On top of that, until 1921, most of this area wasn’t even Amsterdam. Wasn’t even built. Amsterdam Noord is new. New and very old at the same time. Because before it was Amsterdam, it was part of Waterland, the land even further north of the city that is (or was), indeed more water than land. And Waterland had a lot of villages. In this tour we will visit some of these old places. Now, incorporated into the city, they posses an enormous charm into the somewhat strange chaos of modern day Noord.

The “Old North” & the “Tuindorpen” (Garden towns) were build in the 1920-1950s for the poor people of the city centre (Jordaan for example). It was a typical “Socialist” project with the idea that everybody is equal and has the right to a good house, running water, some green space, and education. The result is amazing to see. In the 1980s, the beauty of the architecture became less important, because it was thought that housing itself needed priorities. This is the era of the so called “flats”, the postmodern skyscrapers that stand high above the other buildings.

Noord is a mixture of all this plus a lot of green space and a lot of industrial area because the harbour used to be here. It’s a great place to discover (and a lot of hipsters do so, ¬†especially along the IJ-river, where nowadays a lot of money is being invested).

If you would like to see this fantastic “Other City”, take the boat with us and enjoy!


It Includes

  • the use of binoculars
  • maps
  • clothing against the rain if needed
  • (if time allows it) visit to at least 1 building