West (July/ August 2017)

Departure: Central Station (GVB ticket office) or Leidseplein

Duration & Prize:

  • full tour: 3 hours & 35 euros p.p. (food included in the prize)
  • short tour: 2 hours


The West is probably, together with the North, the least well known part of Amsterdam. That is for tourists, as for locals alike. Yet, the locals seemto have discovered it recently, since also this part of the city now is becoming trendy a bit. At least certain areas like the Westerpark (Western Park), the Kinkerbuurt, the Ten Katemarkt, the northeren part of Vondelpark. Most tourists however never come in West, unless their hotel is located there. In this tour you will discover the trendy area but you will also see some places that even most locals have never heard of. Like the lost (and one of the last!) Polder in the inner Amsterdam area, or the secret “Salad Gardens”.  Because the area is so huge, there is an option to take the bicycle and see a lot more. That’s up to you and the weather!


It Includes

  • the use of binoculars
  • maps
  • clothing against the rain if needed
  • (if time allows it) visit to at least 1 building