Het Gooi (August 2017)

  • Departure: 9:00 (am) from Amstel Station*
  • Duration: +/- 4,5 hours
  • Prize: 65 Euros (food included)
  • When: Thursdays



This tour will be mainly on foot, bike & public transportation. It includes a visit to the two original “cities” of the Gooi district, nowadays, one of the richest quarters in the whole country. The Gooi is a hilly country, at least, to Dutch standards, and it rises some 10 to 40 meters above the flat & low surrounding lands (which are generally below sea level). Because of this particular terrain, the soil is completely different from the soil in, let’s say, Amsterdam. Where Amsterdam is basically located in a big swamp full of thick sea clay, the Gooi has a very sandy soil, perfect to support large forrests and heath fields. Good for wildlife…, and good for the rich people who, in the last 50 years or so, have built enormous villas, and other mansion like structures in the area.

Yet before that, the Gooi had only two real cities. The heavily fortified town of Naarden, and the “farmers city” of Huizen, which later transformed itself to be the only harbour of the area. Naarden once was swallowed by the ever expanding Zuider Zee (Southern Sea), and had to be build up again at an other location, more landinwards. Huizen (which simply  means “Houses”) is called like that because it used to be the only place in the Gooi that had stone houses. Today, both are very lively, and vibrant towns, overshadowed a bit by the former villages that nowadays are actually bigger that the two old ones. But that’s what make Naarden and Huizen such wonderful places to visit.


It Includes

  • bicycles
  • the use of binoculars
  • maps
  • visits to old farms, churches, and museums
  • local pastries
  • tickets for the bus


Amstel Station can be reached by metro (51, 53, 54),  tramline 12, or by bus lines 37, 40, 62, 65,  240, 245 & 355. You can also reach it by train. Another map is here.